Airwheel Z5 Foldable Adult Electric Scooter with Extended Range

Airwheel Z5 Foldable Adult Electric Scooter with Extended Range

Charging 2 hours, and range can be extended as you wish with replaceable battery
More flexible folding design,better battery location and new mobile phone-to-vehicle charging feature
You can ride and control with the most natural standing posture, more comfortable and labor-saving with the new knick stand
Ride safe with both headlight and taillight,and the updated headlight covers distance range of 20 meters
Newly added charging feature allows you to charge your mobile phone via the USB interface on Z5’s battery.

Specifications of Airwheel Z5 Foldable Adult Electric Scooter

– Weight: 13.15kg
– Max Load: 100kg
– Max Speed: 20km/h
– Max Incline: 15°(Riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°)
– Charging Time: 2h
– Battery Capacity: 162.8Wh
– USB output voltage: 5v
– USB maximum current output: 1.5A
– Certification: CE, RoSH, MSDS
– Tires: 8”in diameter, Cheng Shin brand, inflatable

Questions and answers of of Airwheel Z5 Foldable Adult Electric Scooter

I want to take it by plain, does it have TSA aproval?
Answer: Airwheel put the security into the first place at the first place. All Airwheel products are certified by UN38.3, CE, RoSh, EMC for battery, charger, and product saftey. You can go with complete peace of mind with Airwheel

Question: Can you ride this without a battery or if the battery runs out of power?
Answer: Absolutely,you can ride it as a regular scooter when you would like to experience it at any time or the battery runs out of its battery. However,we have to say it may not as smooth as a regular one due to its heavier body.
What‘s more, the battery can be detached from the Airwheel Z5 and you can charge it alone any time when convenient. So don’t worry and enjoy your time with Airwheel Z5.

Question: Whats the top speed
Answer: Airwheel Z5 can reach to the top speed of 20km/h(depending on the road conditions and rider’s weight).

Question: Can scooter ride up hill and how steep?
Answer: Depending on the incline the Z5 performs pretty well. Just make sure you have the model with the upgraded frame. The unit was popular with our testers. They give it a two thumbs up for transportation and portability when commuting.

Question: I won’t to know how many watts is the motor thanks
Answer: The Battery Capacity of Airwheel Z5 is 162.8Wh.

Question: What is the range per charge? thank you.
Answer: Airwheel Z5 can reach up to 12 miles per charge(about 120min), depending on rider’s weight, road condition, temperature,etc.

Question: I am interested to buy this airwheel z5 foldable electric kick scooter, do i need to purchase a spare battery for this? is this for adults?
Answer:You don’t need to buy an extra battery and it certainly fits for adults.
Airwheel Z5 can reach a range of 10-12 miles (depending on rider’s weight, road condition ), and you can also detach the baterry and charge it alone.

Question: maximum weight
Answer: 100 Kg.

Question: Is it possible to buy extra batteries?
Answer: Airwheel Z5 comes with a standard kit. Although we would also like to send you an extra battery for your convenience,as the specialty of the battery transport,we couldn’t ship it to you from China.

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