How to Buy a Right Kick Scooter

When you are going to buy a kick scooter for kids or for yourself, do you think there is anything you should pay attention to? Or you just pick one at random? This article is going to show you how to pick a right kick scooter. There are three primary factors which you need to take account of. The first one is weight. Different brands cause different weight limit, 220-300lbs for adults and 70-160lbs. So it is very important to buy a right kick scooter for your weight. Besides weight, you need consider whether the width and length of the deck is enough for your shoes. The rider should keep an appropriate distance from the handlebar so that you can steer it conveniently and safely.

Black & White kick scooter

There is one thing you need to notice that the height of the handlebar is its maximum. You can adjust the height to be suitable for yourself and most people recommend extending it to the waist. In that way, the rider can steer it easily and efficiently, or you will waste much strength in kicking.

Here we are going to compare two companies’ kick scooters to show you how to buy a kick scooter. KickboradUSA has a type of kick scooter named Black & White, which is very similar with Xootr scooter. Although they have similar wheels and length, the former is designed for the youth and the later is made for the adult. KickboradUSA’s Black & White has shorter deck length than the later. So Xootr can provide more room for different sizes of shoes. Besides that, there is another difference between these two products. KickboardUSA’s handlebar is made closer to the rider than Xootr, which offers better manoeuvre to the youth.

For example, I am 1.62 meters in height and often take a size 8 shoe. There are a lot of kick scooters for me to choose such as Black & White, Razor A5 Lux Scooter and others. If your height is about same with mine, I suggest you choose these small kick scooters that are designed for persons of our height. The adult scooter is designed for bigger shoes and taller height, which provides more deck space and taller handlebar. Therefore, according to your own conditions, choose the right kick scooter.
Those things we mentioned above are the main consideration factors when you are going to buy a kick scooter. You can depend on those factors to buy an appropriate scooter. In addition to that, there are still a few considerations that may help you a little.

Xootr Kick Scooter

If you plan to buy shoes for riding kick scooter, avoid choosing those larger shoes like basketball shoes. Those big and fat shoes occupy too much deck space, which make your scooting a laborious job. Wearing the light shoes with thin soles can make your riding more fun and safety. So running shoes may be the better choice.

If you are going to buy more than one kick scooter, I suggest you not to buy all in the same type. Many people buy two different kick scooters for different occasions. When they go for a vacation, they take the light and small one; when they just kick scooting near your home, pick the right size.

To spend less money, many people buy kick scooters with too small decks which only have space for one foot. They have the same thought. It is not necessary to buy a big deck scooter. Because they can kick scoot with one foot and when feel tired, just change to use the other foot to scoot. I don’t recommend this thought.

About the brake of the kick scooter, you should notice that even if the products of the same series of one company have different brake designs. Some kick scooters have both front and rear brakes; some only have front or rear brakes. One thing you should know that the function of kick scooter brake is to slow down scooter not to stop scooter. Therefore, you need always keep speed control in your mind. Especially when you glide down a hill, don’t just enjoy the scooting fun and forget the safety. Before you glide down, it is necessary to think about speed control.

No matter what kick scooters you want to buy, first priority should be given to the safety. A safe kick scooter requires easy speed control by the rider. Generally, lower decks provide easy control and steadier and safer riding.

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