District C050 Pro Scooter

District C050 Pro Scooter

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate Rider, WEIGHT: 6.7 lbs
DECK: 4.5″ W x 19.6″ L with a C-Series Profile, European Certified Aluminum, Sealed/Welded Front and a Square Neck, HEADTUBE: Fully Integrated at 81 Degrees
COMPRESSION: Updated to Mini HIC for Easy Assembly, CLAMP: District Double Clamp, FORK: Aluminum Fork Cold Forged with Unique CNC’d Machined Details
BARS: 22″ T x 22″ W Aluminum Standard Sized Bars with an Internal Hexagon Profile for Extra Strength, GRIPS: District 135mm TPR Grips
WHEELS: 110 x 24mm Spoked Metal Core Wheels by Eagle Supply with 608ZZ bearings, BRAKE: District Steel Flex Brake

Specifications of District C050 Pro Scooter

Deck – 4.5″ W x 19.6″ L
Bars – 22″ T x 22″ W
Wheels – 110mm by Eagle Supply
Compression – Mini HIC
Headtube Angle – 81 degrees
Concave – 3 degrees
Weight – 6.7 lbs

question and answers of District C050 Pro Scooter
What is the size of the grips?
Answer: Bought this for my 12 year old grandson who had several scooters and loves this the best. My grandson scooters all the time and has recommended it to many friends. Great product.

Question: 5’1 boy good fit??
Answer: Yes my 5’2” grandson rides his to school

Question: Why is the red scooter so cheap price from the other ones?
Answer: I would guess that boys prefer black scooters and they sell more black scooters. I selected the red one so that my granddaughter would have a scooter that was a different color from her older brother. The quality was the same. It’s probably cheaper because there is less demand for red.

Question: Can u cut the bars to 19.5
Answer: We do not cut bars. You can bring them to a scooter shop to have them cut.

Question: How high is it from the bars to the ground? And I am 5’2 tall
Answer: The bars are approximately 30″ from the ground!

Question: Hi im a ten year old boy about 4’5 will this be good for me
Answer: Absolutely!

Question: My son is 48 inches tall. Is this a good fit for him?
Answer: The handle bars are about 2 feet tall…maybe something smaller to fit him.

Question: I’m 5’5 is this scooter good for me?
Answer: No, You will need taller bars!

Question: when i click on white and gold are they both the same cause i think the 199.99 is taller am i correct or are both the same
Answer: They are both the same!

Question: So is this the double clamp or the pytel clamp
Answer: This scooter comes with Mini HIC.

Question: Is the front bar adjustable? Can it go higher?
Answer: It Is ordered at a certain height, you won’t be able to adjust it!! If you were to buy a new set of handle bars you would have to have them cut it ti a certain point….just make sure the bars are compatible with the scooter.

Question: I’m 5’4 almost 5’5, do you think this is a good scooter for me?
Answer: Yep- it’s my sons who is about your height rides it fine. I’m 6′ and can also ride it fine

Question: I just ordered the District C050, the pic shows to be mint/black,after ordering, i saw the description says the color is mint/white,what is the color
Answer: Mint and Black is correct.

Question: Are the bars oversized or standard?
Answer: Oversized

Question: Im 5,2 will this be Good for me
Answer: Yes, this scooter would be a great ride for you.

Question: Difference between the c050 and c052? son will be 11 and is around 4′ 8″. is the c052 for a taller, older rider?
Answer: The C052 is a little longer and the bars are a little taller!

Question: 277 lbs will this be ok?? Or what would you recommend I’m looking to lose weight
Answer: You may want to consider our highest end model, the C253!

Question: Will a 6 foot tennager Boy able to use this because my son needs a stunt kick Scooter like this
Answer: This one may be a little small, check out the C253!

Question: Im 4,8 will this fit me?
Answer: This will be a great fit!

Question: What is the weight limit?
Answer: The weight limit is 220 lbs.

Are the handlebars aluminum?
Answer: Yes they are!

Question: Do these only come in black?
Answer: Nope! We have these in a few colors.

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