Envy One Complete Scooter

Envy One Complete Scooter

Product Dimensions: 27.2 x 19.7 x 39.4 inches ; 7.05 pounds
Shipping Weight: 9.1 pounds

Questions and answers of Envy One Complete Scooter

Question: What year is this scooter
Answer: 2017

Question: Which is better this or the envy s2 colt?
Answer: Sorry, I’m not familiar with the envy s2 colt, so not sure. Try looking at some YouTube videos to compare them. Good luck!

Question: Can you put different bars on it?
Answer: Not all bars are the same fitting. But there are alternate bars that can be put on this scooter, but they have to be compatible with the scooters fork.

Question: I’m 5 foot 6 will it work
Answer: It should work. My grandson is 5′ 4″.

Question: How can I adjust the brake so a 60 lb kid can depress it?
Answer: I’m not sure. Maybe if you went to a skate/bike shop maybe they might be able to replace the brake piece or possibly the wheel with a larger wheel to meet the brake better but I don’t know for sure. Sorry I’m not able to give a better answer – I’m just not that familiar with the parts available to remedy that problem.

Question: The brake seems to be fixed in place. Is there something that needs to be done in order for it to be functional?
Answer: I took the Scooter to a Scooter shop and they put everything together. You might want to take the Scooter to a shop.

Question: does it fold?
Answer: No, this scooter does NOT fold

Question: Can the clamp fit IHC
Answer: Yes

Question: Is it a two bar pieces
Answer: Yes

Question: Could a tall 6 year old use this? also, what’s the difference between this model and the colt series 2 by the envy?
Answer: Would be perfect for a 6yr old, any height it don’t matter. My 9yr old loves his.
Colt must be a higher model, but this envy one is more than great for young guys.
how tall are the bars ?
Answer: according to their info:
4.45W x 19.50L integrated deck and headset with an 82.5 degree headtube
20.50W X 21.60H standard chromoly steel Envy ONE bars

Question: would 110 mm wheels fit
Answer: idk
By Justin on September 19, 2017
Question: im 4,7 will this scooter be a good fit for me at the skate park and street because I am so close to landing my tail whip and I broke my deck
Answer: yes. it will be fine.

Question: does this scooter have pegs
Answer: My son says no.

Question: does this scooter have pegs
Answer: No it doesn’t.

Question: What is a recomended bar hight for a person that is 5’5
Answer: 26.5 inches

Question: How big are the wheels?
Answer: 100mm

Question: Is it ok for someone who is 5’5
Answer: It is possible but you would have to lean down a bit to be able to hold onto the handle bars

Question: Is this good for someone who’s 6ft tall
Answer: I don’t think so.

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