Envy S5 Prodigy Scooter

Envy S5 Prodigy Scooter

120mm Envy Metal Core Wheels For Speed
Durable Built To Last
Newly Designed S5 Prodigy Bars

Item Weight: 8.82 pounds
Shipping Weight: 10.2 pounds

Questions and answers of Envy S5 Prodigy Scooter

Question: Can it be ridden on rough pavement?
Answer: Yes

Question: what is the deferance between the 5 and the 6?
Answer: Just the colors and and price snd year it was made but there the same exact thing

Question: how long will it last?
Answer: Not sure grandson has used it alot and still goog

Question: What size wheels come with it?
Answer: 120mm

Question: How tall are the bars
Answer: Not sure my grandson is 10 and lives out of town sorry

Question: Can you put 110 wheels on it?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can you switch the 120mm wheels to 110mm wheels?
Answer: This was a x-mas gift, so I do not know the ans.

Question: does this scooter have oversized bars
Answer: I think they are perfect for any teenager. My son is very satisfied with his purchase.

Question: Will it fit a 4.7 boy
Answer: Yes, my boy is 13 years but my younger son that is 6 use it as well. Has no problem. They both love it and enjoy being in the park mostly every day.

Question: Whats the difference between series 5 and 6 ?
Answer: 1
Can you run hic compression on it
Answer: I don’t know what that is.

Question: Does it come with 2 allen wrenches
Answer: No It does not

Question: Are the grips comfortable
Answer: The grips are absolutely comfortable! Love this shooter!

Question: My son is 4’4”. Is this scooter too big for him.
Answer: Get him a envy colt scooter its a perfect size for ur son

Question: How long is deck from brake to bar that connects deck???
Answer: No io dea gave to grandson as a gift

Question: I’m 6ft and 13 years old will this scooter fit me?
Answer: I think it is more for around 5 ft than for 6 ft. I think it is a little small for you

Question: I’m 6ft tall and 13 years old will this scooter work for me?
Answer: I’m 5 foot 10, 42 years old and I can ride it without any issues. You should be just fine.

Question: Why was there neither a pop socket nor a key chain. I believe it is supposed to come with Envy products.
Answer: I wonder why because we didn’t get either 🙁

Question: Why does mine tail whip so slow?
Answer: Losen ur shim a lil or learn how 2 tail whip on youtube

Question: Does it come with a Alan wrench
Answer: Yes
im 5,5 is it to big for me??????
Answer: I don’t think so.

Question: What size are the bars
Answer: The bar height is good for about a 4′ to 5′ child. You can cut the however, which is what I had to do for my 7 year old.

Question: What is one thing you would improve in this scooter?
Answer: Nothing. Solid scooter.

Question: Will the envy reaper bars fit this scooter? Or do I need to buy a different clamp?
Answer: Sorry, don’t know; gift for grandson

Question: Does it come with stand?
Answer: No

Question: Is this good for me im 5’4
Answer: Sorry, I don’t know. Bought it for my grandson and he is 11.

Question: How much does the scooter way
Answer: It’s pretty light 7/8 lbs.

Question: doesit come assembled?
Answer: No. But, it’s easy to assemble them all together.

Question: My son wants a ‘bmx’ scooter. is this scooter a bmx type?
Answer: I think bmx stands for bike mountain cross, so maybe he’s looking for a dirt scooter. One with off road tires, we have one on those too. But this is a trick scooter one used on pavement. Maybe just clarify exactly what he wants/needs

Question: For what age is this scooter?
Answer: I would say 10 and up, or so
How tall are the bars overall ? I’m 5 foot where would it go up to on me
Answer: From the ground to the top of the bars is 35inch.

Question: How good would it be for someone who is 5’8?
Answer: That’s about how tall I am, I feel more comfortable on this than a Razor scooter.

Question: is it dialed?
Answer: Yes

Question: Im about 107 lbs.would i be able to ride it?
Answer: Yes i beleive so

Question: is it dialed
Answer: Its actually seriously very dialed.

Question: How tall should the rider be for this scooter?
Answer: My 14 year old uses the scooter. he is about 5 feet tall.

Question: Age of rider
Answer: Don’t quite know what you may be asking here. My son who rides it is 12. I am able to ride it as well at 40.

Question: are they standard or oversized bars?
Answer: Wide. In fact my son wants bars a bit narrower. We picked this model because he is taller, 5’8”. He likes the actual scooter though.

Question: is it good for a pro
Answer: Sorry, I don’t know. My 11 year old son loves it!

Question: How heavy
Answer: This one is a little heavier, but it was great for a beginner to intermediate. This scoot took a beating and still performs well. A solid buy.

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