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Here we collect over twenty outdoor activities for your kids including riding mini kick scooter, roller skating and other funny activities. When your kids spend their most time staying indoors and you have no idea to take what kinds of activities with your kids. Read this article and you’ll find the appropriate solution or some ideas that inspire you.

Play what you did

Do you remember what games you played when you were a kid? Play the games that your kids may be interested in. Maybe your kids can have much fun as you did before.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk is also a great choice as outdoors activities. You can take your kids to walk on a country road to relax and keep fit. Or make a plan and go to a place that you and kids have never been. Exploration for kids always has more attraction than many other things.


Have you ever heard of geocaching? It is a new form of hide-and-seek. What you need to seek is called catches. You can go to geocaching official site to look up what caches are in your area. Make use of your GPS terminal unit to locate the catch and go to find it out. Have a try and your kids may like this kind of game.

Take your kids to go for a dip. Swimming has many benefits for kids. It can train the body to maximize the volume of the lung. And help kids to improve their strength and flexibility.

Kick scooter

Kids always like the things with wheels, which can bring more fun to them. Buy the skateboard or mini kick scooter for kids or other devices like this. Let them scooting along the street within the range of your vision. These wheeled-equipments can improve kids’ balance and steering skills.

Ride bycicle

Unlike kick scooters, which are suitable for short distance, bicycles can help them to arrive farther. It is the ideal means of transportation to travel for and sightseeing and leisure into country. You can ride a bike with your kids to go on a longer journey. You kids can get much enjoyment from it.

Row canoe

Have you ever thought of rowing the boat with your kids? Teach your kids to row a canoe in the lake. They will learn a lot from canoe such as keeping balance and how to use oars to propel canoe. Besides that, their endurance can be improved through this exercise.

Play catch

Compared with other outdoors activities, play catch has no requirement on specific place or complicated rules or expensive equipments or appropriate weather conditions. Kids can throw anything including balls, Frisbees and so on.

Smash the ball

Teach you kids to playing tennis, badminton and ping-pong. These ball games can make your kids sweating and offer sufficient exercise to keep fitness.


Believe you have seen beach volleyball on TV or in reality. Even if there is no beach available in your city, you and you kids can still play volleyball. You just need to set up a net and will have no less fun than on a sand court.


As the top level basketball country in the world, we believe it is easy to find a basketball stands in the school or town. Kids can practice lay-up, jump shoot, cross-leg dribble and so on. And also can play alone or with other kids to learn how to play team sport.

Pick-up game

Kids play BasketballFind out a ball park or football field in your district or just play it in your backyard. Nowadays, pick-up-basketball game becomes more and more popular and you can fit anywhere.


Improve your kids’ operating ability by teaching them to make use of waste to DIY their innovative fitness toys. It isn’t the end. Let them practice toys outdoors. They will have fun through doing it successfully.

Make use of party

When you hold a party for birthday or wedding anniversary or something else, set games that allow all kids at the party to participate in outdoors. These games will get well received by most kids.

Fly kites

Do you remember when you flied a kite last time? Flying a kite is one of better options of outdoors activities. If you have much more spare time, you can make a kite or teach your kids to do it and find an open area to fly it with your kids. If not, kites are very cheap and you can buy one to do it.

Do physical work

Don’t consider outdoor activities equal to fun. It can be a physical labor. When you work in your backyard, you can let your kids join you and share some work that they can afford like digging, watering and son on. You can steel them in labour.

Horse riding
Riding horse is a wonderful way to get close to the nature. Kids can see the nature from different angles from in a car. Maybe your kids love that.


Soccer is the ultimate in team sport. Kids who play soccer can learn how to cooperate with other teammates. There is no need to worry about the playing area. Every school has a football field, and your kids can make more friends and get some exercise.

Lawn games

All lawn games are outdoors activities. Find some lawn games and play with your kids like flimsee, kan-jam, sholf, cornhole and etc. You can also have a look what lawn games other kids are playing and play it with your kids.

Playing backyard golf

You can buy a simple golf outfit and teach your kids to play in your backyard. When you find your kids have great interest in playing golf, you can take them to the golf course at your local.

Outdoor playsets

outdoor playsetsOutdoor playsets like swing sets, climbers, sliders, towers, bridges, ladders, sandbox and trampolines are great equipment for kids to do outdoor activities. Kids can not only get a lot fun but also get exercise.

Playing on the beach

If you live in coastal area, you can have more choices to play outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, swimming, surfing and sandcastles. Take your kids to the beach and have fun with them as much as you can.

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