Fuzion Hawk 2 Scooter

Customers paid a high compliment on reliable quality of Fuzion Hawk 2 Scooter. If you have a tough kid, we highly recommend this kick scooter.


Larger wheels provide a smooth and fast ride.
Wider deck gives enough room for kids.
Urethane wheels allow a quiet ride.
Reliable quality

Fuzion Hawk 2 Scooter Rating:
List Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $35.00
Availability: unspecified

Fuzion Hawk 2 Scooter – Product Description

From a family of action sports, comes an all new way to fly by in a blur or soar high in the parks! The Fuzion Spencer Hawk H2 brings a sleek new design and maximum attitude to deliver the first in performance 2-wheel scooters. Driven by the performance and quality standards of Spencer Hawk and his family, the H2 was developed with an extreme edge and superior materials to be the ultimate freestyle scooter. With cast polyurethane wheels for blazing speed, an ultra-light aluminum frame and a performance molded deck for extreme trick potential, this is no ordinary 2-wheel scooter…

Fuzion Hawk 2 Scooter – Details

Oversized Urethante Wheels
One Piece Alloy Bars
Wide Ploymer Deck
Solid Core Hubs
Aluminum Frame

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