Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe Kick Scooter

Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe Kick Scooter

The quality ride-on and scooter that grows with children from age 1 to age 5
Winner of several awards for its quality and innovative design
Before riding, please tighten handlebar clamp to desired firmness using supplied hex key
Duel-injection deck incorporating anti-slip silicone micro logo

Specifications of Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe Kick Scooter

Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.6 x 21.6 inches ; 3.31 pounds
Shipping Weight: 7 pounds

Popularity: not very popular 6/10
Price range: under $150 range
Rating: very high rating 9.5/10

Questions and Answers of Micro Mini 3in1 Deluxe Kick Scooter

Question: Can this be configured with the seat and T-bar? Thanks
Answer: No.

Question: What materials is it made of?
Answer: The scooter is comprised of a variety of materials including aluminum, plastic that has been reinforced with fiberglass, and polyurethane. This product has passed all of the rigorous safety-testing requirements (per the CPSC).

Question: Do the wheels light up?
Answer: Our wheels do not light up– these wheels are of an extremely high-grade polyurethane and would surely outlast any type of battery found in the “cheaper light up wheels.” This scooter is truly a mode of transport for kiddos rather than being gimmicky

Is it possible to connect a push bar or is it available like the older version?
Answer: There is no “attachable” parental push bar available for this product. Rather, there is a handle at the rear portion of the seat that parents can use to guide their child

Question: What are the two seat heights from the floor/ground?
Answer: My 2 yr old only used the seat 1 time, then we took it off, so I am not quite sure.

Question: Can the scooter be used indoor? On the laminate wood floor?will it damage the floor?
Answer: The wheels are soft. During winter, I clean the wheels to make sure there are no debris and let them play inside. We have hardwood floors, no damage so far. They are not rough on their play though.

Question: How big is the box upon arrival? We live in Australia now, but visiting and wanted pick up this scooter if its manageable.
Answer: Pretty good size and sorry don’t have measurement!

Question: Where is it made from?
Answer: This product is Swiss-designed and manufactured at our top-notch plant in China; we’ve been manufacturing scooters there for over 10 years. Cheers!

Question: What corol of the T-bar has a pink scooter?
Answer: The T-bar will be the same color as the scooter itself; the Pink Mini 3in1, for instance, includes a Pink-colored T-bar, seat, and O-bar

Question: does it come with the 3 pieces ? (not shown in Picture)
Answer: Yes, the one I purchased did. Foot base with wheels, seat and regular handles.

Question: Does the t bar adjust, as in the deluxe model? the item name says “deluxe,” but the description says it converts to the micro mini original.
Answer: Any queries, get back to the distributers who will answer you straight away. That’s what I did.

Question: Up to what age can the seat be used?
Answer: Though this varies child-to-child, most children use the seat between 12 months – 24 months of age. When kiddos “graduate” from the seat depends on height as well as individual balance/coordination.

Question: Do the handle bars allow you to steer and turn?
Answer: No, they do not. Its simply something to hold on to, to help with balance.

Question: Is it supposed to be hard to turn? I have to press down on each side to make the wheel go to left / right?
Answer: My Grandaughter just turned two and has been using the Micro-mini scooter since the summer (16mo old) and has had no issues with turning the wheel. The little boys at our park who inspired me to buy this scooter didn’t seem to have issues either. I would say there must be a problem with the scooter you have, sorry…… see more

Question: Will the O bar and seat from the original model work on the deluxe model?
Answer: Yes, it will! The male/female connection points are the same for all eras/styles of Micro Mini

Question: Does it fold?
Answer: No it doesn’t

Question: is the t-bar and handles red as well or is it all black?
Answer: The T-bar handlebar has red grips

Question: Does it come with all the three pieces (seat, black pole and than the last metal bar for when they get older)
Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Can it turn?
Answer: Yes; it turns really well as the child learns to lean and weight shift. You don’t turn it with the handlebar, but it is apparently helpful for balance and helps the transition to bike riding! My 18 month old is already getting the hang of it

Question: Is the seat height adjustable?
Answer: There are 2 height settings for the seat: 6 inches from the deck + 9 inches from the deck
To adjust, you use a No. 5 Allen Key (included with the scooter). Cheers!


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