Razor Ultra Pro Lo Scooter

By minikick / October 23, 2017


It is very light and easy to do tricks.
It rides smooth & well-made.
Very easy to put together.
Wheels are extremely smooth and can take very hard landings.
Every part can be customized.

The grips are a little rough. It may give your hands blisters. A few buyers suggest riders to customize it with ODI Longneck Grips.

Razor Ultra Pro Lo Scooter Rating:
List Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $59.99
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Eligible For Free Shipping

Razor Ultra Pro Lo Scooter – Product Description

The new Ultra Pro Lo Kick Scooter is an updated version of the pro model based on 7 years of rider feedback. Designed and tested by Team Razor for ultimate durability and performance. Rigid down-tube for maximum durability. Deck is double-welded to the down-tube for superior strength. For the ultimate scooter for professional riders! The Ultra Pro Lo is a shorter model that comes in a 14 inch handlebar width and 21 inch handlebar height for smaller extreme riders. The simplified single piece frame construction, it’s a non-folding for increased durability. Freestyle rubberized grips. 4130 Cro-Mo Steel handlebars and steeling tube. The heavy duty handlebars and down tube has a double welded deck and TIG welded construction. Double stacked collar clamp. HD Aircraft grade Aluminum deck with full deck grip tape. 98mm Urethane, 14 Spoke wheels equipped with ABEC-7 Bearing. For the ultimate scooter for professional riders!

Razor Ultra Pro Lo Scooter – Details

High-performance scooter designed by Team Razor pro riders
100-percent aircraft-grade aluminum body with rigid down tube
Freestyle rubberized grips with Cro-Mo steel handlebars
98mm urethane wheels and high-quality Abec-7 bearings
Measures 18 inches wide and 21 inches tall

Razor Ultra Pro Scooter

By minikick / October 23, 2017


Very cheap – if you need a good scooter for a awesome price get this.
Very easy to assemble & super fun to ride.
Lightweight & very easy to manuever.
Very sturdy – it allows kids to do tricks without worrying about breaking or damaging the scooter.

Razor Ultra Pro Scooter – Product Description

The new Ultra Pro Kick Scooter is an updated version of the pro model based on 7 years of rider feedback. Designed and tested by Team Razor for ultimate durability and performance. Rigid down-tube for maximum durability. Deck is double-welded to the down-tube for superior strength. For the ultimate scooter for professional riders! The Ultra Pro comes in 18 inch handlebar width and 26 inch handlebar height. The simplified single piece frame construction, it’s a non-folding for increased durability. Freestyle rubberized grips. 4130 Cro-Mo Steel handlebars and steeling tube. The heavy duty handlebars and down tube has a double welded deck and TIG welded construction. Double stacked collar clamp. HD Aircraft grade Aluminum deck with full deck grip tape. 98mm Urethane, 14 Spoke wheels equipped with ABEC-7 Bearing. For the ultimate scooter for professional riders!

Razor Ultra Pro Scooter – Details

High-performance scooter designed by Team Razor pro riders
100-percent aircraft-grade aluminum body with rigid down tube
Freestyle rubberized grips with Cro-Mo steel handlebars
98mm urethane wheels and high-quality Abec-7 bearings
Measures 18 inches wide and 26 inches tall

Kent Super Scooter

By minikick / October 23, 2017

The larger wheels of this scooter are much more stable than most of the little scooters with small wheels. So it isn’t necessary for riders to worry about jamming up with dirt and debris.


More safety – It has both front and rear brakes.
Easy to assemble & The handlebar is adjustable.
Its quality is great and sturdy
Reasonable Price

One buyer told she can’t find the inner tube for tires.

Kent Super Scooter – Product Description

Sturdy enough for kids and parents alike, Kents Super Scooter offers hours of entertainment! Take a ride around the park, patrol the neighborhood or head off with no destination required. The scooter features 12-inch inflatable tires for a rugged and smooth ride that can handle a variety of surfaces. This scooter is equipped with bicycle sidepull brakes– not just a difficult and awkward step plate– so you can come to a complete stop quickly and easily when needed. Built like a bicycle, this sophisticated scooter offers real handlebars, a bicycle stem, spoked wheels, and a steel frame to create a solid vehicle. CAN SUPPORT UP TO 150 LBS.

Kent Super Scooter – Details

For riders ages 8 and older
Big inflatable tires offer a smooth and fast ride on any surface
Front and rear side pull brake allows for safe and easy stopping
Durable high tensile steel frame; lightweight design, weighs only 18 pounds
Handlebar height maximum is 35.5 inches; length is 46.5 inches

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

By minikick / October 23, 2017

Mini Kick Scooter has read over 100 reviews of Razor A5 Lux Scooter on scooters shopping sites. More than 140 buyers rate this kick scooter four and five stars. Our site concluded four primary reasons why daddies and mommies choose this one for kids.


Wheels are bigger than average scooters and move very fast
Solid deck & Great welding procedure & Reliable quality
Easy to unpack & Spacious platform for any adult
All metal construction makes sturdy

Razor A5 Lux Scooter – Product Description

The Razor® A5 Lux scooter is updated with extra-large 200mm urethane wheels and ABEC-5 high-speed bearings. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction includes folding handlebars, a rear fender brake, and a super-strong T tube, built to support riders up to 220 lbs. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter – Details

Folding scooter with extra-large 200-millimeter urethane wheels
Aircraft-grade aluminum construction supports up to 220 pounds
Folding handlebars; rear fender brake; super-strong T-tube
ABEC 5 high-speed bearings
Recommended for ages 8 and up; 6-month warranty
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Mini Kick Scooter Blue

By minikick / October 23, 2017

ini Kick Scooter studied most reviews of Mini Kick Scooter Blue on the internet. 90.7% parents give this kick scooter 5 stars. Although it is a little more expensive than some others, they still buy this one for their kids. It has become many kids’ primary transportation.


Urethane wheels and quality bearings make a smooth ride
Very low to the ground & Easy to maneuver & Easy to assemble
It helps kids to learn balance, coordination and observation skills
Very durable, safe & fun
mini kick Scooter – BLUE Rating:
List Price: $78.00
Sale Price: $84.99
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Eligible For Free Shipping

mini kick Scooter – BLUE – Product Description

Kickboard USA is the official distributor for Micro-Moblity, Switzerland, makers of the Mini Kick for kids ages 2-5, the Maxi Kick for kids ages 5-10, and a full line of quality scooters for teens and adults. The Mini Kick is the quality choice in children’s scooters, representing the best in sports technology. The Mini has won several awards – in 2011 the Mini was awarded the Parent’s Choice Approved Seal and in 2009 it won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Award Seals for Best Toy.

The Mini also was named ‘Best Pre-School Scooter’ by Toy Report, ‘Best Outdoor Toy’ by Learning Express Stores and was featured on the NBC Today Show as part of its ‘Best Toys for Summer’ series. What makes the Mini unique is its quality construction and ‘lean-and-steer’ design, which allows children to use their body weight to control the steering, giving them the feeling of ‘surfing’ the sidewalk, as they curve from right to left, almost like a skateboard. The lean-and-steer adds an element of stability and fun, and is great for learning balance and coordination.

The Mini’s Italian-made wheels provide an incredibly smooth, quiet ride, a joy for parents and children alike. Its 3 wheels make it easy for even the youngest kids to ride. The youngest kids (ages 2 and 3) will normally start by riding in a straight line but learn quite quickly, almost intuitively, to gently lean, in order to steer. The older kids (ages 4 and 5) become very proficient at curving right and left as they ‘surf’ the sidewalk. The spoon brake adds to the safety and to the fun. The Mini can be ridden inside while learning as the PU wheels won’t leave black marks on the floor.

The mini’s light weight (only 3.3 lbs), makes it easy for young kids to handle and for parents to pick up and carry when need be. Parents love the Mini Kick because children can ride it year after year and its modular construction means all parts are replaceable, so it can last, virtually forever.


Mini Kick Scooter Pink

By minikick / October 23, 2017

There are hundreds of mini kick scooters available on the market. Here we collect more than users’ reviews of this Mini Kick Scooter Pink and analyze both positive ones and negtives to provide you an unbiased and objective conclusion. Hope our efforts can bring some convenience to you and save you a little of time.

The most supreme thing always is safety. About 85% parents whose kids own this mini kick scooter praise its great safety. This kick scooter has a lower deck to ground and has two front wheels, which provide great stability for kids. Meanwhile, its back brake raises its safety and reliability. It is also easy to pick up. Those parents tell their kids can spend less than one hour riding it. They ride it and learn how to make use of their weight to adjust the direction. A few parents mention that although it is designed for kids from 3-5, it doesn’t look like a child’s play and it looks cool.

There are two or three parents pointing one problem about weight restriction. One parent told it is designed for kids less than 40lbs. One kid’s brother who’s over 65lbs just broke this mini kick scooter.  Another mommy told when she was standing on it, it got broken.

Why those parents buy Mini Kick Scooter Pink

  • High safety
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy to pick up
  • Reliable quality
  • Lot of fun

The specification of Mini Kick Scooter Pink

  • Width of deck is 110mm; Length of deck is 300mm
  • Measures 8.6 x 26.4 x 21.6 inches (W x H x D); weighs 3.7 pounds
  • Wheel diameter is 120/80mm; Width of wheels is 24mm
  • Axle distance is 430mm; Weight is only 3.7 pounds

Find More Kids Outdoor Activities Ideas

By minikick / October 23, 2017

Here we collect over twenty outdoor activities for your kids including riding mini kick scooter, roller skating and other funny activities. When your kids spend their most time staying indoors and you have no idea to take what kinds of activities with your kids. Read this article and you’ll find the appropriate solution or some ideas that inspire you.

Play what you did

Do you remember what games you played when you were a kid? Play the games that your kids may be interested in. Maybe your kids can have much fun as you did before.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk is also a great choice as outdoors activities. You can take your kids to walk on a country road to relax and keep fit. Or make a plan and go to a place that you and kids have never been. Exploration for kids always has more attraction than many other things.


Have you ever heard of geocaching? It is a new form of hide-and-seek. What you need to seek is called catches. You can go to geocaching official site to look up what caches are in your area. Make use of your GPS terminal unit to locate the catch and go to find it out. Have a try and your kids may like this kind of game.

Take your kids to go for a dip. Swimming has many benefits for kids. It can train the body to maximize the volume of the lung. And help kids to improve their strength and flexibility.

Kick scooter

Kids always like the things with wheels, which can bring more fun to them. Buy the skateboard or mini kick scooter for kids or other devices like this. Let them scooting along the street within the range of your vision. These wheeled-equipments can improve kids’ balance and steering skills.

Ride bycicle

Unlike kick scooters, which are suitable for short distance, bicycles can help them to arrive farther. It is the ideal means of transportation to travel for and sightseeing and leisure into country. You can ride a bike with your kids to go on a longer journey. You kids can get much enjoyment from it.

Row canoe

Have you ever thought of rowing the boat with your kids? Teach your kids to row a canoe in the lake. They will learn a lot from canoe such as keeping balance and how to use oars to propel canoe. Besides that, their endurance can be improved through this exercise.

Play catch

Compared with other outdoors activities, play catch has no requirement on specific place or complicated rules or expensive equipments or appropriate weather conditions. Kids can throw anything including balls, Frisbees and so on.

Smash the ball

Teach you kids to playing tennis, badminton and ping-pong. These ball games can make your kids sweating and offer sufficient exercise to keep fitness.


Believe you have seen beach volleyball on TV or in reality. Even if there is no beach available in your city, you and you kids can still play volleyball. You just need to set up a net and will have no less fun than on a sand court.


As the top level basketball country in the world, we believe it is easy to find a basketball stands in the school or town. Kids can practice lay-up, jump shoot, cross-leg dribble and so on. And also can play alone or with other kids to learn how to play team sport.

Pick-up game

Kids play BasketballFind out a ball park or football field in your district or just play it in your backyard. Nowadays, pick-up-basketball game becomes more and more popular and you can fit anywhere.


Improve your kids’ operating ability by teaching them to make use of waste to DIY their innovative fitness toys. It isn’t the end. Let them practice toys outdoors. They will have fun through doing it successfully.

Make use of party

When you hold a party for birthday or wedding anniversary or something else, set games that allow all kids at the party to participate in outdoors. These games will get well received by most kids.

Fly kites

Do you remember when you flied a kite last time? Flying a kite is one of better options of outdoors activities. If you have much more spare time, you can make a kite or teach your kids to do it and find an open area to fly it with your kids. If not, kites are very cheap and you can buy one to do it.

Do physical work

Don’t consider outdoor activities equal to fun. It can be a physical labor. When you work in your backyard, you can let your kids join you and share some work that they can afford like digging, watering and son on. You can steel them in labour.

Horse riding
Riding horse is a wonderful way to get close to the nature. Kids can see the nature from different angles from in a car. Maybe your kids love that.


Soccer is the ultimate in team sport. Kids who play soccer can learn how to cooperate with other teammates. There is no need to worry about the playing area. Every school has a football field, and your kids can make more friends and get some exercise.

Lawn games

All lawn games are outdoors activities. Find some lawn games and play with your kids like flimsee, kan-jam, sholf, cornhole and etc. You can also have a look what lawn games other kids are playing and play it with your kids.

Playing backyard golf

You can buy a simple golf outfit and teach your kids to play in your backyard. When you find your kids have great interest in playing golf, you can take them to the golf course at your local.

Outdoor playsets

outdoor playsetsOutdoor playsets like swing sets, climbers, sliders, towers, bridges, ladders, sandbox and trampolines are great equipment for kids to do outdoor activities. Kids can not only get a lot fun but also get exercise.

Playing on the beach

If you live in coastal area, you can have more choices to play outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, swimming, surfing and sandcastles. Take your kids to the beach and have fun with them as much as you can.

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How to Buy a Right Kick Scooter

By minikick / October 23, 2017

When you are going to buy a kick scooter for kids or for yourself, do you think there is anything you should pay attention to? Or you just pick one at random? This article is going to show you how to pick a right kick scooter. There are three primary factors which you need to take account of. The first one is weight. Different brands cause different weight limit, 220-300lbs for adults and 70-160lbs. So it is very important to buy a right kick scooter for your weight. Besides weight, you need consider whether the width and length of the deck is enough for your shoes. The rider should keep an appropriate distance from the handlebar so that you can steer it conveniently and safely.

Black & White kick scooter

There is one thing you need to notice that the height of the handlebar is its maximum. You can adjust the height to be suitable for yourself and most people recommend extending it to the waist. In that way, the rider can steer it easily and efficiently, or you will waste much strength in kicking.

Here we are going to compare two companies’ kick scooters to show you how to buy a kick scooter. KickboradUSA has a type of kick scooter named Black & White, which is very similar with Xootr scooter. Although they have similar wheels and length, the former is designed for the youth and the later is made for the adult. KickboradUSA’s Black & White has shorter deck length than the later. So Xootr can provide more room for different sizes of shoes. Besides that, there is another difference between these two products. KickboardUSA’s handlebar is made closer to the rider than Xootr, which offers better manoeuvre to the youth.

For example, I am 1.62 meters in height and often take a size 8 shoe. There are a lot of kick scooters for me to choose such as Black & White, Razor A5 Lux Scooter and others. If your height is about same with mine, I suggest you choose these small kick scooters that are designed for persons of our height. The adult scooter is designed for bigger shoes and taller height, which provides more deck space and taller handlebar. Therefore, according to your own conditions, choose the right kick scooter.
Those things we mentioned above are the main consideration factors when you are going to buy a kick scooter. You can depend on those factors to buy an appropriate scooter. In addition to that, there are still a few considerations that may help you a little.

Xootr Kick Scooter

If you plan to buy shoes for riding kick scooter, avoid choosing those larger shoes like basketball shoes. Those big and fat shoes occupy too much deck space, which make your scooting a laborious job. Wearing the light shoes with thin soles can make your riding more fun and safety. So running shoes may be the better choice.

If you are going to buy more than one kick scooter, I suggest you not to buy all in the same type. Many people buy two different kick scooters for different occasions. When they go for a vacation, they take the light and small one; when they just kick scooting near your home, pick the right size.

To spend less money, many people buy kick scooters with too small decks which only have space for one foot. They have the same thought. It is not necessary to buy a big deck scooter. Because they can kick scoot with one foot and when feel tired, just change to use the other foot to scoot. I don’t recommend this thought.

About the brake of the kick scooter, you should notice that even if the products of the same series of one company have different brake designs. Some kick scooters have both front and rear brakes; some only have front or rear brakes. One thing you should know that the function of kick scooter brake is to slow down scooter not to stop scooter. Therefore, you need always keep speed control in your mind. Especially when you glide down a hill, don’t just enjoy the scooting fun and forget the safety. Before you glide down, it is necessary to think about speed control.

No matter what kick scooters you want to buy, first priority should be given to the safety. A safe kick scooter requires easy speed control by the rider. Generally, lower decks provide easy control and steadier and safer riding.

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Compare Razor A, A2, A3 kick scooter and Razor A5 Lux Scooter

By minikick / October 23, 2017

Razor A series kick scooters are very well known in the US. Razor A kick scooter earned not only a lot of awards but also the favor of thousands of customers from kids to adults and from famous persons to ordinary people. Due to the tremendous success of Razor A kick scooter, Razor upgraded it and released the Razor A2 kick scooter. A2 is equipped with the springless front suspension and the wheelie bar. Although all Razor series are for over 5 years old, Razor A, A2 and A3 are primarily designed for kids. The Razor A5 Lux Scooter is more like an adult kick scooter and many customers rated Lux A5 in the same level with Xootr and Know-Ped. Here we build a table to compare these 4 Razor A series kick scooters.


Razor A Kick Scooter Razor A2 Kick Scooter Razor A3 Kick Scooter Razor A5 Lux Scooter
Product Image
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Yes Yes Yes Yes
Urethane Wheels 98mm 98mm 125mm 200mm
Wheel Bearings ABEC-5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear Fender Brake Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 6 lbs 7 lbs 8 lbs 13 lbs
Maximum Rider Weight 143 pounds(65kg) 143 pounds(65kg) 143 pounds(65kg) 220 pounds(100kg)
Assembled Dimension 26″ x 13.5″ x 34″ 26.5″ x 13″ x 34″ 30″ x 13″ x 35.5″ 35″ x 21″ x 41″
Springless Shock System No Yes Yes No
Wheelie Bar No Yes Yes No
Recommended for Ages 5 and up 5 and up 5 and up 8 and up
Customer Rating 4.7 stars 4.7 stars 4.6 stars 4.6 stars

Mini Kick Scooter For Kids

By minikick / October 23, 2017

Mini Kick Scooter For Kids

Riding a mini kick scooter is an excellent way to improve the physical coordination and balance of kids. Kick scooters are classified into three categories by age alone. Mini kick scooters are designed for kids under five years of age; Kids scooters are made for children over five year old; Adult scooters are suitable for the young people.

Most mini kick scooters are three-wheeled scooters, which have two front wheels and one rear wheel. This inverse triangle structure provides more stability and safety for kids than two-wheeled scooters. Besides stable structure, all the scooters on the market developed their own shock systems and functional brake systems to make riding safer and smoother. The typical mini scooter products are like Mini Kick Scooter and Maxi Kick Scooter.

With regard to the material used for mini kick scooters, most manufacturers adopt the aluminum. It reconciles the durability with convenience. So it can be easily carried from place to place. Since most parts are replaceable, a scooter can be used for several years. The scooter’s wheels are made of special materials to avoid leaving black marks on the floor and reduce the noise greatly.

Since 2000, kick scooters have become more and more popular among kids and young people. It is because the kick scooter has the lighter weight than bicycle and is more easily folded. It can be put even in a pack. The kick scooter can find its way where some streets or parks limit the bicycle and provide more fun and convenience.

Kids can make use of the body to free control the kick scooter, which makes them feel riding on a skateboard in winter. It is a great device to bring a lot of fun to them.

It can be the best Christmas or birthday gift!

Mini Kick Scooter Serie reviews: Mini Kick Scooter Pink, Mini Kick Scooter Blue, Mini Kick Scooter Orange & Mini Kick Scooter Green.

Purchasing Considerations:

Mini kick scooter review

Mini Kick Scooter Blue

Choosing a kick scooter with enough room on the deck can reduce the pressure on your legs and make your riding funny. Before you decide to buy one, you need to check its specifications to know how long and wide the deck is. It is better that you can put both your feet. When you plan to have a kick scooting trip, wearing light shoes with thin heels is an ideal choice like running shoes, which can make your scooting easily. If you wear shoes with thick heels like basketball shoes, you will find the standing platform become crowded and it brings inconvenience to your ride.

When you check the specifications of a kick scooter, the handlebar height is a spec you must read. It concerns whether you can have a comfortable and easy ride. The handlebar height should be adjusted to a few inches below your waist. If the handlebar is too high, you have more pressure on your knee and also bring a stiff ride.

When you kick scoot outdoors, try to avoid riding on wet surface, sand and gravel ground. It may make you slip on it. Therefore, when you are selecting a kick scooter, try to pick the kick scooter with large or wide wheels. These wheels can give more stability to you compared to regular ones, when you are riding on rough surface.

There is one thing you need to keep in your mind that whenever you ride a kick scooter, remember putting your speed under control. Even if most kick scooters are equipped with brakes, you should notice that the brake isn’t used to stop scooter but slow down. You should also remind your children of not riding too fast and keep your kids in your sight. If you pedal the brake when running at high speed, the brake will heat up. Especially when you use it for long time at high speed, it will cause the loss of braking power. So you should control your speed for the sake of safety at any time.

The best method to control speed is to use kick foot to slow your speed. But when you do this, please make sure the surface is clean to avoid slipping. If your kick scooter has a rear fender brake, you need to know how much pressure the brake will bear to slow your scooter. Generally, a thin tire needs more pressure and a thick one needs less. If you ride too fast and your brake can’t slow down your scooter, the only choice you have is jumping off. If your kick scooter is equipped with only hand brake, it can be used to control speed when you are at a moderate speed.

In my opinion, the ideal kick scooter is equipped with both brakes above, which can help you to control your speed better. Please notice: no matter how many brakes you have can’t stop speed totally. If you are in emergency, the best choice is not to depend on brakes but to jump off. Letting the scooter run into something or people is better than human body.

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