Razor A3 Scooter

Razor A3 Scooter

Classic kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum
125 mm inline-style urethane wheels with springless shock-absorbing system
Features patented rear fender brake for Quick stops; and all-new wheelie bar design
Patented folding mechanism makes carrying easy
Recommended for ages 5 and older; supports riders up to 143 pounds

Specifications of Razor A3 Scooter
Item Weight: 7.02 pounds
Shipping Weight: 7.4 pounds

Popularity: very popular
Rating: high rating
Price: under $70

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Questions and Answers about Razor A3 Scooter

Question: Is this too small for an 11 year old?
Answer: I bought it for a 5 years old but I think that it would be good also for 11 years old. Cannot be sure though.

Question: Tall 5 1/2yr old (3wheel scooter not an option-they don’t adjust tall enough) & trying to decide betwen razor a kickscooter or the this razor a3? help
Answer: My grandson loves his razor and he is a talk boy for a five year old. He has no issue and I believe he has room to grow a bit before he out grows the scooter. Hope this helps!

Question: How compact does it get when folded? Could this fit on a carry on suitcase?
Answer: My grandchildren had them as carry on in the overhead compartment

Question: What is frustration
Answer: I believe it means frustration free by it being already assembled together.

Question: What is the best razor scooter?
Answer: I have no idea. I just wanted a model that was appropriate for my 6 year-old grandson which he enjoys.

Question: what is frustration free packing?
Answer: I’m not sure in this case as it was sent to my granddaughter. However, in other cases when I had a purchase marked “frustration free packing” I had no problem opening it. There was no “clam” packaging.

Question: Do you have to include wheelie bar in assembly?
Answer: no its ready to go as is

Question: Does the A3 have adjustable handle bars?
Answer: yes.

Question: Can you fold the a3
Answer: Yes, but difficult most of the time.

Question: Are the wheels long lasting sturdy for NyC sidewalks (grandson ` slight build) or is it better to spend lot more for bigger wheels

Answer: these wheels are sturdy, but bigger wheels are better for sidewalks that may not be level. From a safety perspective, the wheels won’t break, but bigger wheels will provide a smoother ride and less risk of fall.

Question: scooter for 10 years old girl
Answer: Yeah I think it’s fine for that age. I think it just depends on height. 5 foot and under would be perfect for this scooter.

Question: Does the front wheel turn 360 and if yes, can it be locked to not turn 360?
Answer: Yes turns 360. No can’t be locked to not do so, but my kids are all young and it’s never been a problem. Good luck 🙂

Question: My son is 3 years old, 37″ tall , 36 lbs loves this, he tried it and seemed to do fine. Is it recommended for a 3 yrs old ? Thank you
Answer: It says it’s recommended for age 5+

Question: Is the scooter tall enough for a 12-year-old boy
Answer: Yes, the height of the handle is adjustable so even an adult can use it.

Question: What is the difference between the A2 and the A3 scooters?
Answer: A3 wheelse are bigger and better.

Question: How would this work for a two mile commute over somewhat cracked sidewalk?
Answer: It would work great. The wheels are larger than the original razor scooter and allows for a pretty smooth ride, even over relatively uneven surfaces.

Do you think this could support 170 lbs? The A4 model doesn’t have the wheelie bar and it doesn’t look like they sell those separately…
Answer: It supports me fine at 130, and my husband at 140, but that’s the most we’ve put on it so far.

Question: How high can you adjust the handle bar
Answer: High enough for any kid to ride it. I’m 6’4″ and have ridden it without problem!

Question: is this good for 21 year old or is A1 or A2 better for a 21 year old
Answer: This model certainly isn’t for a 21 year old. My son is 5 and rides it comfortably. I would say it is suited for up to 13 years old. I cannot speak for the other models.

Question: Are the $49.00 Razor A3 scooters the exact same model as this one for $26.64?
Answer: I really don’t know. However, the Blue Razor A3 kick scooter I purchased for my grandson was around $ 38.00. The specs on the box says is for ages 5+, max rider weight 143 lbs., made in China, large urethane wheels (125mm) 4.9 inches with high speed bearings, patent rear fender brake and folding mechanism, adjustable h… see more

Question: My daughter is 41 inches tall, A3 kick scooter holds comfortable for her height?
Answer: The handle height is adjustable, and the grips are Avery comfortable size with good foam covering. My 3-year old granddaughter had no trouble using the same one that her 7- and 12-year old cousins. She was 35″ at the time, the 12-year old was 53″

Question: Does it fold up?
Answer: Yes

Question: How do you determine the color you are buying??? I don’t see a choice of colors.
Answer: The scooters are shown each separately by color – not a place to chose color within item listing. Find color by photo of item. I’ve bought a red one for my granddaughter and then a green one a year later for my grandson. It’s not the typical way to pick the color within the item.

Question: Will this work at a skate park?
Answer: For sure. Depending on the weight of the rider, it would do great at a skate park. It’s a sturdy scooter, but a 200 lbs person would likely snap it at the park.

Question: Can you bring this as a personal item on a plane? Will it fit under the seat in front of you? Thanks!
Answer: I doubt it, it’s about 2 ft long. measure it and call you airline for details

Question: My grandson is seven and just learning how to do a few tricks would this be a good scooter?
Answer: I believe so, yes! My 7yr old daughter loves this scooter. She’s not into tricks so much, but it’s the right size etc. some other older boys on our street have the same model too and they’re really into it.
Does this have foam or rubber grips on handle?
Answer: Yes, they are foam like. They’re very sturdy and not so spongy. Had it since Christmas and used every day almost, looks brand new.

Question: Is this the latest model?
Answer: I don’t think so. They have at least have a dozen models, the latest wasn’t the best fit for my kiddo due to her age. I’d suggest you check them all out at the razor website before buying.

Question: Will this scooter work on a packed gravel driveway?
Answer: No it will not roll as well as it would on a smooth surface

Question: What’s the difference between the A2 and A3?
Answer: It’s been awhile since I purchased it so I don’t remember for sure. I think the A3 is more sturdy with heavier springs and wider wheels. You better look it up to be sure.

Question: How sturdy is the brake?
Answer: It is sturdy but took my 6 yr old Grandson a couple of tries to get the hang of using it. He loves it.

Question: I need a scooter for an 8 year old 80lbs 4ft 2. This or the A4?
Answer: My Grandson is eight also perfect scooter for him fold for good storage.

Question: I’m 5’5″ would this be too small?
Answer: I think so. My grandson is 4′ and it’s perfect

Question: I bought this for my son for Christmas, I haven’t taken it out of the box, is there a lot of assembly involved for Santa?
Answer: Hello Jennifer, Thank you for your email and recent purchase of the A3 Kick scooter. There is very little assembly to the scooter, you will need to install the T-Bar to the front fork by installing the collar clamp. You should also make sure all screws are tight on the unit before allowing anyone to ride it.

Question: What are the assembled dimensions in inches (please specify units such as LxWxH)
Answer: 30x13x35.5

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