Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Mini Kick Scooter has read over 100 reviews of Razor A5 Lux Scooter on scooters shopping sites. More than 140 buyers rate this kick scooter four and five stars. Our site concluded four primary reasons why daddies and mommies choose this one for kids.


Wheels are bigger than average scooters and move very fast
Solid deck & Great welding procedure & Reliable quality
Easy to unpack & Spacious platform for any adult
All metal construction makes sturdy

Razor A5 Lux Scooter – Product Description

The Razor® A5 Lux scooter is updated with extra-large 200mm urethane wheels and ABEC-5 high-speed bearings. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction includes folding handlebars, a rear fender brake, and a super-strong T tube, built to support riders up to 220 lbs. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter – Details

Folding scooter with extra-large 200-millimeter urethane wheels
Aircraft-grade aluminum construction supports up to 220 pounds
Folding handlebars; rear fender brake; super-strong T-tube
ABEC 5 high-speed bearings
Recommended for ages 8 and up; 6-month warranty

Popularity: very popular
Price: under $100
Rating: very high rating

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Questions and Answers of Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Question: Which model of the razor scooter would be best for an active 12 year old who lives in an apt complex ?
Answer: This scooter is big enough for a 12 year old and older and you fold the scooter and doesn’t get you space in your place my girl is a big girl and she love it and she goes with the scooter every where we go and we had small car, I highly recommend this scooter.

Question: For kids?
Answer: It’s more for big kids

Question: Would this be too big for a larger/taller 9yr old?
Answer: Depends on his size but it’s for anyone :)) as long as u know how to use it

Question: does it have a brake
Answer: yes, it does, it is in the back, just slowly step on the top of the rear wheels.

Question: Is this scooter appropriate for a 6 year old?
Answer: Yes it is. Rides much more smooth than the smaller scooters and I feel it more safe. My 8 year old sister loves it!

Question: What size pegs ware compatible to add to the back wheel of the A5 Razor as a foot rest? I saw a review where it was added but want more info.
Answer: Very good. My whole family are playing it.

Question: The scooter makes a horrible creaking sound like flexing metal. I bought two, and only one does it. What should I do?
Answer: As long as it seems structurally sound, locate the source of the creaking sound and put some WD40 on it. My bike used to creak really bad but I lubed it up with some of that and the problem was gone. If that doesn’t work I would send it back for a new one.

Question: How high is the deck surface from the ground?
Answer: Approximately 3 inches.

Question: Will this fit into a locker when folded?
Answer: I think it will fit into a full-sized locker. I’m not sure about half-sized lockers. If the scooter does fit, it will be tight.

Question: Case for razor scooter
Answer: Do you want me to make a case why to buy it or you are looking for a case? We don’t have a carrying case for my daughter’s. This was a nice, sturdy scooter that has lasted longer than the razor scooter available in Walmart and Kmart. They stock the razor that is shorter and not as tall

Question: Im 6ft tall and wear a size 12 shoe would this scooter accomdate my size? Im also aboit 266lbs
Answer: I don´t think so. I bought the Razor A5 for a 8 years old boy

Question: I’m 4foot 7inches should I get the a5 scooter or a4 will this one be to tall I like the big wheels.
Answer: This is adjustable, the handle goes up or down and locks where you need it. Also those wheels give a smooth ride. My granddaughters both love them, they have a pink and a blue one. They are great.

Question: My wrists are messed up and injure easily. How much of the road surface do you feel in the handlebars while riding?
Answer: ABSOLUTELY you’ll feel Every Bit of tiny bumps. I recommend you riding this scooter After your wrists are completely healed. Take good care of your wrists please.

Question: What is the measurement of just the platform where your feet go?
Answer: I don’t know. It was a gift for my grandson.

Question: handlebars red?
Answer: You can get either a blue scooter, a pink scooter, or a red scooter. We got the blue one and the handlebars are black, and the pink scooter has black handlebars too. The red scooter has red handlebars, so yes.

Question: Is the handle bar adjustable?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is there much difference between the a4 vs. a5? i only want it for my vacation (via airplane), is the a5 worth paying more?
Answer: We didn’t try the a4, but the larger wheels on the a5 made a positive difference from the smaller Razors my grandkids had before their long legs outgrew them. The ride is much smoother. The wheels negotiate bumps and cracks in surfaces on which smaller wheels tend to stick.

Question: Bought this for my grandson. front wheel spins around 360 degrees. did i not assmeble this correctly? seems scary & dangereous
Answer: Yes, it does rotate 360 degrees. My son has been using it for last few months without any issue.

Question: I am looking for replacement parts, I run over the scooter with my car. I need the main tube that holds the handle bar?
Answer: I don’t know where you can find those parts. Search the net for Razor A5 parts is all I know.

Question: Can someone that owns one tell me how high the riding platform is from the ground? I’ve a Kent with a platform that is too high and my knee hurts.
Answer: Almost 3in.

Question: Is there a carrying case or strap
Answer: It did not come with a strap or a carrying case.

Question: When would it be better to ride a scooter like this instead of a bike?
Answer: When walking is too much and riding/storing a bike is too bulky/cumbersome. Bikes are better for longer distances, but scooters offer flexibility and can be ridden in more areas where bikes can not.

Question: Weight? How large the box is?
Answer: Handle folds down , so box is long and thin , weight I don’t know , but not much .

Question: Do these wheels work well in dirt?
Answer: About a well as

Question: What’s the difference between the red one and the blue one?
Answer: Only difference is the color.

Question: What’s the difference between the red and the blue? Which one is newer?
Answer: The blue kick scooter is newer and also very good quality!! Enjoy

Question: What’s the difference between the blue and the red since the red is more expensive?
Answer: I bought three pink for my girls

Question: The Razor A5 lux scooter comes in blue and also in red. Why does the red have a different model number and is more expensive?
Answer: It’s a different color. (red model, blue model, pink model, etc.)
More people choose red. (supply and demand)

Question: Will this scooter fit a person that is 4 feet tall?
Answer: It should. My grand Kids all have one and they range from 9 years to 13 yrs and they all have fun on them. They are much better than the small wheeled scooters.

Question: My son is 4 and quite good with the micro scooter, but is also tall for his age (42″) and weighs about 50 lbs. Could he handle the scooter?why/whynot?
Answer: He should be able to handle it I grandson is 7 tall but thin he like the bigger wheels on it because he could ride it in the grass

Question: does it have a kick stand?
Answer: Yes. Great scooter. Bought 3 now

Question: a3 or a5 razor for 5 year old
Answer: A5 worked for my 5 and 7 year old grandsons.

Question: Would this scooter work for a 6 year old?
Answer: Hi, if the 6 year old is athletic and coordinated. If not, I would get one with three wheels first. I am an adult and like to use it.

Question: How flexible are the scooter and the braking system
Answer: Its good .just like other scooter…

Question: Is the A5 Lux scooter for adults or children? I’m looking to buy one for my 8 year old grandson.
Answer: I’m an adult and this is my ride. My 10 year old son or his buddies occasionally use this as well without any issues.

Question: what are the dimensions when its folded? could it fit in a school locker?
Answer: fairly large, about 3 and a half feet long and 10 inches wide (handles can be folded in for a more compact fit)

Question: Can a kid use this? Or is it only meant for taller riders? If not, can anyone recommend a scooter for a 7 year old that has a smooth ride?
Answer: Yes ~ great for kids. Our 7 year old granddaughter has one she loves and her older brother has one too. Their dad enjoys riding it when he gets the chance. Smooth ride too. Our son researched scooters and this is the one he selected…they have two and have been very satisfied. No problems over three years or so

Question: Is this too big for a 6 year old?
Answer: No, the handlebars adjust up and down, this by far the best scooter on the market, totally worth the price!

Question: Is this scooter good for 7 year old and if n which one?
Answer: I don’t think so , this one for 7 years old is too big

Question: I am looking for a foldable scooter that has a handle bar that spins all the way around for trick riders. Does this handle bar spin?
Answer: Yes they spin all the way around.
Does anyone have experience bringing this scooter onto airlines as a carry-on item (i’ve done it successfully with a smaller scooter)?
Answer: I’ve worked for an airline. The scooter will fit in the overhead compartment but not with the box, out of the box should not be a problem

Question: Is this too big for someone under 5 ft tall?
Answer: Yes– my husband and I ride this and it’s so tall and hard for our kids to operate– steering is much more sensitive than the other scooters.

Question: do you recommend it for an 8 years old kid and a 6 years old tall kid? or the regular Razor is better?
Answer: 8 year old defintely..not sure 6 year old

Question: What is the starting age for this? Is a ten year old too young to ride this?
Answer: My granddaughter is twelve and goes as fast as a car with the thing!! Tall 10 maybe, but helmet essential! I think the speed is a little dangerous, 15 to 20MPH?

Question: Is this scooter appropriate for a 12 year old boy, not real tall, small in stature, but athletic.??
Answer: Yes! We have purchased this scooter for our now 9 year old grandson who is fairly tall and good sized! The handle bars are a good height according to our son/his dad…his dad also enjoys using it on occasion and it works great for him too 😉

Question: Is this scooter geared more for adults and teens or is it good for a 6 year old!
Answer: The handle bars are adjustable. I’d imagine a 6 year old wouldn’t have much issue riding it. Might be a tad heavy to carry when folded and can be difficult to lock and unlock, but riding it should be great!

Question: What is the length and width of the deck
Answer: About 31.8 x 10.8 cm (12.5 x 4.25 inches).

Question: could this be suitable for someone that’s 5″11 and 245lbs? (for riding around a college campus) or any suggestions on other scooters?
Answer: Well my daughter is 5’10” and 150lbs. I will suggest that you check the weight limit. My daughter likes the look of it and how light it is to fold and carry into classroom.

Question: Is the kickstand really only on the blue model?
Answer: Don’t know. Gave tomygrandson in MA.

Question: Is it worth getting the two year extended warranty? I’m getting it for my 8 year old granddaughter who’ll be very easy on it.
Answer: You didn’t say how much the warranty is but I’d say NO. It is pretty sturdy. My 8 and 10 yr old granddaughter’s scooters have held up well. That being said, my 12 year old grandson managed to ruin his in less than 6 months. But he is hard on things and does jumps etc. It is not made for that.
Is it normal that my frontal tube is slightly unstable and rocking?
Answer: Absolutely not

Question: Can adults ride
Answer: I would say yes adults can ride. I have taken a ride on my granddaughters. I would try to keep the weight under 200

Question: I live in Oregon where rains a lot, can the scooter still be used in rainy days and rided on wet surface?
Answer: Yes. It’s set here in Maine too and works on wet pavement without issues.

Question: a nine year old boy? a nine year old girl? both coordinated, which scooter most appropriate?
Answer: My 5 year old rides the a5, the same one that I ride as well (6’2″ man). I feel like the bigger wheels make it more stable and easier to ride. So to answer the question, the a5 would be perfect for a nine year old. The a5 is a good all around kick scooter.

Question: Want to use for camping. does this fold when not in use? if not any recommendations at a decent price, less would be better? will be for kids. tx
Answer: Yes they do fold. Highly recommend especially due to large wheels

Question: height of handle bars
Answer: IM 5’6. Handle bars were at or near belly button when riding

Question: I have size 14 shoe will i still be able to ride?
Answer: Dear big foot, the Assembled Product Dimensions is: 35 x 21 x 41 inches
21 in deck
for your size, I doubt very much that it is the best product for you!

Question: How durable and long lasting is this scooter
Answer: Our 6 yr old son has enjoyed this scooter very much. I would say it is very durable and fun. Lots of kids have used it in the neighborhood and at the park. It is still like new. No problems. We moved on to an electric Razor scooter which has not been as reliable. Problems with charging. Hope this is helpful.

Question: Do the Tires work on roads? Our “hood” doesn’t have sidewalks.
Answer: yes! they are big and grip well to the roads.

Question: Would this work for an 8 year old or is this more geared towards teens and adults? Thanks for your help.
Answer: It would be perfect for him/her. It’s good for kids all the way to adults!


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