Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

These satisfied customers almost have children about 3 years old who ridded scooters for the first time. This scooter is ideal for starter because it doesn’t ride fast and won’t put your kids at risk.


Easy to assemble and fold up for storage
Three wheels provide more stability and balance
Slip resistant standing platform gives more safety
Ideal for starter

Slow speed
It is small and not suitable for kids over 3.

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter Rating:

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Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter – Product Description

Designed for young riders, the Razor® Folding Kiddie Kick scooter features a three-wheeled design that helps build coordination and maintain balance. The wide polypropylene deck is slip-resistant, and a new folding mechanism allows easy storage and transportation. Intended for children ages 3 and up.

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter – Details

Kids’ scooter with 3-wheel design for added stability
Wide, slip-resistant polypropylene deck and wide rear wheel base
Quick folding mechanism for easy storage and transport
Soft foam handgrips; 98mm wheels; for kids 6 and under
Measures 22 x 25.5 x 11 inches (W x H x D); weighs 6.5 pounds

Popularity: popular
Rating: very high
Price: under $50

questions and Answers of Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Question: What is height of scooter?
Answer: Do not know, but its perfect for my 2-year-old grandchild who loves playing with it.

Question: What is height?
Answer: Ill say for a 2 or3 year old no bigger cheap made

Question: my daughter is 8 years old will she serve him?
Answer: I feel like its more good for kids below 5 as its with three wheel support , for 8 yr kid i think there are lot of other options.
But with quality wise its good one and can use for 8 year kids too

Question: Is this too small for a 6yo girl?
Answer: Definitely. My daughter is tall for 4 but it’s already getting too small for her.

Question: Would this be appropriate for an 18 month old who is approximately 32″ tall?
Answer: I’m not sure this would unless they are very coordinated or not afraid of things that move fast. What I mean is that the handle bars don’t lock, so you child is working with moving handle bars and coordinating feet.

Question: measurements of scooter?
Answer: I don’t know because the front wheel assembly was defective and I had to return it without it ever having been used. I did not re-order it.

Question: Hi… Does this scooter stand upright when it’s not in use? Or does it rest in the ground like a two wheeled scooter? Thanks in advance!
Answer: It stands upright. Hope this helps.

Question: Is it small enough to be folded and put into a large suitcase?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is there a weight limit?
Answer: Its for toddlers 2-4 .yrs. It.would be too small bar wise for an average 5 + yr old…

Question: Is there anyway to make the front wheel fixed so it doesn’t move?
Answer: I don’t see how if there is! Seems unsafe honestly.

Question: The front wheel is not so free like the rear ones. It has lot of friction . Is this by design or a flaw?
Answer: It’s a design flaw. I had to return the razor I bought for my grandson because of a defective front wheel assembly.

Question: Do The handle bars raise and lower
Answer: No cheap made

Question: Does the front wheel turn
Answer: Yes the front wheel turns

Question: Thinking of buying this for my 4 yr old. He’s 42 lbs – max weight says 45 lbs. curious if any 40 lb + kids use this just fine?
Answer: Yes my baby girl is50 lbs fine

Question: How do you stop? Brakes?
Answer: No braking mechanism just foot power

Question: Does this scooter have a break?
Answer: No, but my 2 year old doesnt have any problems with stopping

Question: Is there a break on the rear wheel?
Answer: No. There isn’t.

Question: Do the back wheels get in the way of their “pushing” foot since it has 2 in back instead of the front?
Answer: No it doesn’t. But this scooter doesn’t flow as smoothly as u expect it to. My 3 year old had pretty hard time worth it. Don’t recommend it

does this turn with the hand
Answer: yes it do

Question: does this scooter light up at all?
Answer: No. And it’s really designed for a little kid. It’s pretty slow.

Question: How do you fold it? Can’t figure it out.
Answer: It is located at the base of the bar on the inside. The lever is in a loop shape and you just pull up 🙂

Question: What is the hight of the handle bars?
Answer: Since the kick scooter is being used by my grand daughter at US and I am in India I cannot measure the exact height . But I can tell that my grand daughter is using the same very comfortably for 3 plus year old kid

Question: Does this scooter obstruct movement from the foot while you are pedaling it? The 2 wheel design on the back obstruct movement?
Answer: My two year old loves this scooter. He desperately wanted to ride his older brother’s traditional two wheel razor, but he wasn’t able to balance and pedal so I got him this and he caught on almost instantly. He is a very large and coordinated two year old so I don’t expect all little ones to have the same experience bu… see more

Question: Are you able to steer this left and right? Or is it one of those “lean to turn” scooters?
Answer: Yes you can steer left to right. It’s a gr at beginners scooter!

Question: Should I buy this for our 4 year old son? Or should I get something with only two wheels?
Answer: Id say 2 wheels but that depends on ur grandson. My son just turned 4, has had this for 2yrs and he is about ready to move up

Question: Will this scooter work for a 2 1/2 year old that is tall, about 38″?
Answer: I think so! My daughter loves hers!

Question: Hearing a lot about the wheels having too much friction. Is this caused by the wheels being bolted too tight or are the bearings the issue?
Answer: The scooter comes fully assembled except for the upright handle. I do not recall how the wheels were attached and the scooter was a gift for a grandson that lives in another town. I too was concerned with the reports of high friction wheels, but the wheels were easily spun by hand and appeared to have plenty of clearance from the plastic body. I have heard no complaints from our son or grandson.

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