Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Scaled-down European-styled scooter with powerful electric motor
Dressed up in bright metallic pink and accented with handlebar streamers just for girls
12-inch pneumatic tires for maximum power transfer; retractable kickstand
Carries riders at speeds of up to 15 MPH; storage compartment under padded seat
Recommended for ages 13 and older (170-pound weight limit); 90-day warranty

Specifications of Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Speeds up to 15 mph.
Up to 40 minutes of continuous use.
Step through steel frame.
Vintage-inspired scooter with High torque, chain-driven electric motor.
Twist-grip acceleration control.
Hand operated rear brake.
12 inch pneumatic tires.
Retractable center mount kickstand.
Under seat storage.
Bell and handlebar streamers, only available on Sweet Pea model.
Scaled down classic scooter design carries riders up to 170 pounds.
24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system.
Battery charge time: 12 hours.
Battery charger included.

Popularity: very popular
Rating: very high
Price: under $300

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Questions and Answers of Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Does it come with a battery charger?
Answer: Yes

Question: My daughter will be five is she to young she pretty big for her age she like 69lb and she kinda of tall ?
Answer: My ten-year-old granddaughter is great on this, but the seven-year-old–not so much. It moves fast!

Question: Can you buy an actual light for the front of the Betty scooter?
Answer: No

Question: How hard is it to put it on the center stand?
Answer: I’m not sure I understand your question, but the stand flips down then you rock the scooter backwards. It’s pretty easy.

Question: Has anyone tried to add mirrors? My grand daughter would love some mirrors added
Answer: I haven’t–but what a great picture idea!

Question: Dose it come with a carger
Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Battery for pocket scooters
Answer: The battery appears to be mounted inside of the scooter. The battery did NOT come separate. Only the charger

Question: Hi I’m 13 and I am tall I really want this scooter but my sister says it will be to small for me do you think it would work for a few years
Answer: It would be too small for you, sorry.

Question: How tall is it
Answer: It’s not really tall as it is bulky, like 3.5 ft. However, My 10 year old is 5’4 and she rides it. I’m the same height and I ride it also.

Question: Is there a way to adjust the brake handle to make it easier to pull?
Answer: No, I guess is just a matter of them learning how to use them correctly.

Any idea where to find a tube for the back tire
Answer: I’m not sure but an auto parts store might be able to help

Question: How far can it go
Answer: I can’t really say how far it will go. But my daughter rides hers for a couple hours before she has to recharge it.

Question: We have a battery operated Jeep that makes a lot of noise when riding. How quiet or loud is the scooter while riding?
Answer: It isn’t terribly loud–not as loud as the Barbie Jeep we have.

Question: Can i clamp my phone on this?
Answer: You could with the appropriate phone mount. Maybe something designed for mountain bike handle bars would work… the handle bars are much like a mountainn bike.

Question: Weight limit on the scooter
Answer: Don’t know exact limit but it is too short for legs if over 5’2”/3”. It moves 100 pounds very quickly but much over that is pushing it.

Question: Can this charge any faster
Answer: I would allow it to charge for the full 12 hours the first time (that’s what we did). Since then we have only had to charge it at night and that’s only if it was used a lot. The battery life last a good amount of time. Hope this information helps

Question: I’m 5 ft 3 and I’m 50 yrs old can I ride this bike
Answer: im 39 and 5’9 and have drove it up and down the road a few times.

Question: how long does this run?
Answer: I don’t know. This was a gift.

Question: does the front light work?
Answer: No…just there for decoration.

Question: Does it come assembled??
Answer: No. You have to put the wheels on is all I think
Any tips for inflating the back tire? The spokes are so close that I cannot find a pump that will fit.
Answer: How Can’t i Get a New Tire ?

Question: Where is the power reset button?
Answer: There is an on and off switch just below the seat. But I have not located a reset button. You should not need a reset button. What I bought works excellent. It’s real small but so am I.

Question: How many watts does it have?
Answer: I don’t know but my 8 year old loves it and I can even ride in it. Weight limit is 160 I think
We love it!

Question: Is this to big for a five year old
Answer: No my 9 year old rides hers everyday

Question: Is this to big for a 6 year old.
Answer: Personally I dont think so. My daughter is very athletic though and she loves hers still does! I do recommend a second battery for it though! They go and they go quick but battery life is only about 30 minutes.

Question: When delivered does box reveal item contents?
Answer: Yes

Question: how long can you ride it for?
Answer: 1 Hour But I was Trying to See If I can get a new Front Weel Or How Do I Get it ?

Question: Can an adult ride it?
Answer: I believe there is a weight limit .

Question: Does it come assembled
Answer: Yes! I think I may have had to put on the front wheel but I’m not sure.

Question: Is the item shown on the package
Answer: No,the one we ordered came in a big brown box

Question: Is this for adults also?
Answer: No but the kids love them.

Question: My daughter is 10 and 4’ 7”. We would like to give her this scooter but don’t know if it is too small. Should we get the Bellezza?
Answer: My Grand Daughter was 9 and the same and about 100 pounds.. she loves this thing. Rides it all day every day in the summer.

Question: Does it stand up on its own?
Answer: yes it does.

Question: Can you put training wheels on it?
Answer: No, this is for experienced riders only!

Question: How much assembly is required? Just a little, like wheels, etc. or lots of parts?
Answer: Just wheels and handle bars. Maybe seat too. I can’t remember. Absolutely love these things! I am a 140lb mom and I use them to run out and get the mail when the kids aren’t looking

Question: Does this come with a battery and charger?
Answer: sure does my granddaughter love’s it

Question: How long does battery last?
Answer: About a 1hr to 1.5 if your riding nonstop.

Question: Do the graphics come on or do you apply them? If they are on would they peel off easily?
Answer: I had to apply them. Stayed on an has not lifted. Had for a few years

Question: Do the seat move
Answer: It lifts up-it’s the lid to the compartment underneath. It’s not adjustable

Question: Could you drive this on packed sand at the ocean?
Answer: Yes

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