Razor Spark 2.0 Kick Scooter

Razor Spark 2.0 Kick Scooter

Motion activated LED running lights under deck
Light up urethane wheels with rear fender brake
Scooter with foot controlled sparking mechanism
Aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck
Adjustable handlebars and easy to fold and carry

Rating: very high
Price: under $60

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Questions and Answers of Razor Spark 2.0 Kick Scooter

Question: Can you attach a wheelie bar to this?
Answer: I’m not sure, I didn’t try to, but scooters are a bit difficult to do wheelies with.

Question: How much weight does it hold?
Answer: Less than 5 lbs, the child carries hers everywhere.

Question: Do the wheels light up?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Up to 5 years old how old?
Answer: I would say 9-10… depends on height

Question: Do the lights work independently of the sparkle? (My daughter doesn’t want the sparkle but wants the lights)
Answer: Yes sparkle is with break and light on at night

Question: Is it big enough for an 11 year old who weighs 60 pounds?
Answer: Yes this is for 200 pounds

Question: What size batteries?
Answer: No batteries.

Question: My daughter is sensitive to sudden, loud sounds. Does the spark create a startling sound?
Answer: it is the noise from the break. Nothing more.

Question: Brand new scooter and the running board lights won’t go off – how do you turn them off ? Or is this a defective scooter?
Answer: The lights are suppose to turn off after a few seconds. It sounds like it is defective. We never had that problem with our scooter.

Question: will the spark pad scratch up my driveway?
Answer: It won’t scratch it, it will definitely leave marks that will fade with rain and water.

Question: What other colors are on the red scooter? There isn’t any pink on the red one is there?
Answer: No, only red/silver/black

Question: Do the wheels ever need to be replaced? And if so how often?
Answer: I don’t think the wheels do but the bar that makes it spark will eventually have to depending on how often they use it. Haven’t had to yet but they don’t ride it everyday.

Question: What age is this scooter best suited for?
Answer: I got it for my 6 year old and she loves it

Question: Does this turn well?
Answer: yes it does.

Question: Is there a wheelie bar on this razor? Can you wheelie with the sparks?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. There is not a wheelie bar on this scooter.

Question: What’s the earliest age for a rider?
Answer: My daughter was 6 when i got her this. She started with a 3 wheels Razor before moving to this 2 wheels Razor.

Question: what size are the wheels?
Answer: The wheels on the Razor Spark 2.0 are 98mm.

Question: Is this product for girls 8+? Thanks in advance!
Answer: I thinks so.

Question: Could a four year old ride it? I love the features.
Answer: Depending of her height and whether she is able to handle a 3 wheels scooter previously. This required the ability to balance 2 wheels. I got this for my 6 yr old daughter where she is only 90cm of height. The height of the handlebar is adjustable as she grows.

Question: which is the age recommended to use this equipment ??
Answer: I’m not sure. I would say if you believe the child is tall enough and doesn’t have a problem standing on one leg. I got this for my daughter at age 8 she stands 4′ tall.

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